13 April 2014 by Stephanie Chung

Checking for broken images with Selenium

I recently became quite in love with Selenium testing. I've definitely heard about it before but I never really took the time to reap the benefits. A little while back, we started using Cucumber and because I'm terribly uh, terrible at setting things up, someone else had done it for

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29 March 2014 by Stephanie Chung

What's the point in piano lessons

Today I had my first real lesson with my new piano teacher. It was fantastic. I enjoyed it so much. One thing I think about a lot is why I bother with piano lessons at all. I can play piano. I can learn new songs on my own. I know

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25 March 2014 by Stephanie Chung

What Is It With Music Theory

I can admit I have some pretty strange interests. Music theory being one of them. I've been playing piano since I was 4. I've always played classical my entire childhood. I didn't start playing other genres until I was probably 14 or 15. There's a lot about learning classical on

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24 March 2014 by Stephanie Chung

A Rant On Learning Programming

In the last few weeks, I've taken it upon myself to learn Python. I was feeling like I needed something new to play with because my life has been a javascript party. While I love the craziness of javascript, I was starting to feel like that was my only skill

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